Student Projects

Buccaneer Booty Battle (Game Page Link)

By Adam Konig, Ayush Shah, Ben Reeves, Ketan Konanur, with art by Eli Lustig and music by Jason Angus

Yolked! (Game Page Link)

By Floney Yang, Hazel Wong, Baha Okten, Dan Zakon, and Atharva Talpade

Light’s Out! (Game Page Link)

By Susan Candela, Kevin Li, Andy Tang, and Casey Wong


By (Megha Patel, Alicia Sikorski, Ayannah Adegeye, and Jenny Wakeman).

Dashing Bears

By David Lam, Max Levy, Xiaotian Lu, Zhi Wang, Zhongyi Zhao, and Allaynia Tripp

Xtraction Point

By Zhengyuan Dong, Chenhao Li, Chewei Wang, and Wenhui Zhao.

Turbo Neon

By Daniel Kortemeyer, Ethan Bommarito, Eashwar Mohan, Michael Ellis.

Dance of the Damned

By Jessica Yin, Jonathan Liu, Elisabeth Garber, Adam Brown, and Nathan Gualtieri.


By Harrison Dempsey, Luke Pendleton, Thomas Ramos, Denny Yeung, Cameron Seals, and Jacob Emery.

I’m a Chopstick (Game Page Link)

By Aiwei Wu, Hanan Li, Yicheng Li, Lixiong He, Marlon Dunn, and Tanya Lai.

Miner Mayhem (Game Page Link)

By Shrug Studios (Xiao-Ping Huynh, Matoska Waltz, Jacob Shreve, Samuel Himes, and Nicolas Williams).

Color Wars

By Desk 8 (Spruce Bondera, Dominik Konik, Ezra Chung, Krista Victorsen)


By NDNN Studios (Noel Bhattacharyya, Daniel Dineen, Noah Erikson, Nicholas Tolksdorg, Mitchell Schrank)

It Might Snowball

By Dizzy Panda (Heming Han, Kevin Etchill, Yuanze Zhang, Yuxuan Ye)

The Fight for Fish: A Billder’s Revolution

By Charlie Rogers, Devin Zhang, Minjoo Kwon, and Tom Groechel

Scrappy Pappies

By Cannon Thigh Studios (Jacob Marks, Cooper Riehl, Branden Carlson, Evan Brisita)


By Rekt Studios (Nigel Baillie, Jennifer Dailey, Joseph Pohlman, Adilah Ku)

Mello Madness

By Jelly Battlers Inc (Gem Akdemir, Nick Kortman, Jack Park, Pascal Sturmfels)

Sneak Robber

By Sneak Studio (Yubing Xie, Yuhan Liu, Han Bu, Chang Ge)

Prehistoric Panic

By Gloria Park, Ori Lindner, Andrew Lopes, Lillian Huang

Prehistoric Panic is a 4-person, 3-D cooperative resource collection game. Join 4 cave-people as they frantically try to collect resources and escape a deadly lava wall that is bearing down on them!


By Justin Fan, Cameron Gagnon, Stephen Kline, Alex Wang

Rocketeers is a 4-player competitive rocket-building battle game where two teams compete to build the most deadly rocket before blasting off to destroy the other team’s rocket. Last rocket standing wins!

A Spooky Night In

By James Kotzian, Mohammed Joy, Jeffrey Morris, and Daniel Rings

A Spooky Night In is a four-player asymmetric party game pitting a team of hunters against ghosts in a 2D dollhouse-style mansion during a cocktail party. Ghosts must posses party guests, while hunters attempt to stop them.


By Noah Eisen, Abby George, Grace Kendall, and Isaac Hecker

Gust is a 3rd-person puzzle game where players harness the power of the wind. Push objects, pull them, and fire off gusts of air as you explore an ancient tomb, defeat dangerous enemies, and save the world!

EECS Infiltration

By Maia Snider, Derek Rocco, Parthiv Vora, Matt Chudoba

EECS Infiltration is a cooperative stealth game in which two players, a spy and a hacker, must communicate verbally to navigate levels and achieve goals. Your mission? To sneak into the BBB at night and manually change your EECS281 autograder results.